The artistic collective MACONDO was born to make a network, especially from the need to express themselves freely from a creative point of view. The need of the network has a goal, however, and that is to let everyone know their way of seeing the world. This is the birth of the magazine of the same name. MACONDO is flanked by other series, all distinguished by the care of the final product.
They include Roberta Bordone, Ivan Ferrara, Rosaria Iorio, Monica Hernandez, Nunzio Montuori and Marcella Onzo.
The number 1.5. is a choral project with more than 30 participating authors, who were asked for a point of view on the pandemic, through an illustrated table or comics. 
From this choral project, I extrapolated my tables to recreate a hypothetical graphic novel inspired by the word "SISU", chosen by the collective to give inspiration to the participating artists.


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